Brainstorming your Twitch channel

Brainstorming or having brain trust is one of those things that often are overlooked but yet used by many top streamers. They might sound similar but having a brainstorming session can be very different from a brain trust, but they do share something very important; they’re there to help you and your Twitch channel to the next level. Allow me to write a few paragraphs about brainstorming your Twitch channel.

Brainstorming sessions

I get to talk to a lot of Twitch streamers in e-mail exchanges, be it that they end up being clients or not, and it’s one of the most giving things that I do. I do really love to talk about Twitch, this blog probably should show that, and I gladly take any opportunity to really get to the root of certain problems and do problem solving.

That’s also the basis of having a brainstorming session. The benefits of having a brainstorming session goes beyond the visual and instead it goes into who you are and what path you want to take. It’s not only a guiding hand but a motivational session that can get you going and put some fire behind you. The problem that most Twitch streamers run into when they try to set up their own brainstorming sessions with people they trust, friends or moderators is that they get opinions through colors lenses. These are all people that already know you and like you. It’s going to be hard to separate them from that and for you to separate them from being that as well.

The best brainstorming sessions where you can get a unbiased point of few, that’s in the same industry that WANTS to also benefits from your success. If it’s someone that’s never going to get anything out of your success then it’s not going do you any good. It’s sort of like when a CEO complains that his employees don’t work as hard as he/she does… well the employee don’t own the business and isn’t a co-founder so there’s no reason for an employee to work towards the bosses goal.

However when, the person you’re brainstorming with, can benefit from the fact that you grow as a streamer you’re going to get an opinion that you can count on. For instance when I do brainstorming session I can do it at a lower rate since I’m also seeing it as a great way to build a relationship for future business. For me it’s an investment into you as well as it’s an investment for you into yourself. I base this around the concept that Napoleon Hill lays out in his book Think and Grow Rich what he outlines is a mastermind group but I’ve taken those principles and channeled that into one (or however many someone wants) brainstorming session. That’s how you can get someone help you with brainstorming your Twitch channel the right way.

I would say that these are some of the points why a brainstorming session would help you.

  • Set you on the right path
  • Get you thinking
  • Understanding your brand
  • Understanding your audience
  • Figure out your niche

The brain trust or mastermind group

I mentioned Napoleon Hill in the last paragraph so let me extend that and give you even more insight into the whole concept of a mastermind group. Now the mastermind group is a bit different from the Brainstorming session since it’s based around a group of people that all want to get to a certain point. Honestly a matermind group is what a Twitch Team should be but too many Twitch teams are just a collection of people that want to get hosted.

Finding that group of people might be an issue but if you’re able to these are the benefits from creating one:

Mutual support: Being able to offer each other support. You’re all aware of what goes on behind the scenes so you’re able to understand when something is going on with someone else in the group. Lean on each other as much as possible both during good times and bad times.

Differing perspectives: Even if you’re all Twitch streamers you all have different perspectives and problems no matter if it’s in life or on Twitch. At the end of the day you’re going to be able to see what works and what dosen’t.

Resources: First of all everyone in your group will have different skill sets that you can use and they all have different networks. All of that can be shared between everyone in the group now. On top of that you can pull your actual monetary resources together and hire a designer or a design/developer duo to develop a certain tool to your group can use as a collective. The possibilities here are endless.

Accountability: One of those things a lot of Twitch streamers miss at the start is the accountability. Did you know that the schedule is one of those things that are suppose to give you accountability before you have an audience. Eventually your audience combined with that schedule will be your main accountability. The same way a mastermind group can hold you accountable with your goals.

So set up a mastermind group, set a date for your first meeting, create a schedule when you should meet every week. Now you’re well on your way to be able to really get going with all of this.


Do you need Twitch branding or set a brainstorming session? I’ve work with both partnered and non-partnered Twitch streamers and done so for over 3 years. For me this is full time and I’m dedicated to my clients and my craft. I do both branding, visual branding and consulting based on understanding you, your community and your channel. If that sounds interesting to you then you should check out my Twitch services/portfolio/client list and contact me right away.

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Yesterday I had my first keynote on personal branding and social media. It ended up being a 2 hour long keynote (with a 10 minutes break) and after lunch another 2 hours with a question and answers session. It was so much fun to do and we ended covering a lot of different subjects even outside of personal branding and social media.

What we ended up with was a motivational talk during the question and answer section. Since one of the participants wasn’t able to understand as much Swedish as expected so I actually had to do it all in English instead. I wish I would have recorded it since it would have been interesting for you all to hear it as well… maybe next time? 

I’m saying that since I really want to keep doing keynotes and not only on marketing but on Twitch as well. As I’ve said 2015 was a practice year for 2016 so more and more things will come this year due to hard work.




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