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A website can be your business card

By 28 April, 2019 No Comments

Websites don’t really sound that exciting when it comes to Twitch. Probably because all most no one has done it right. However, doing it right and for the right reasons might can change how you operate your brand and the future of your Twitch channel.

The importance here is to really understand, both, the importance and the power that you can wield with your Twitch brand. of course that’s all predicated on the basics of you actually having a brand — and not just a logo and some colors, after that’s not the full sum of a brand. 

Who is it for? 

You can see the full concept on my Instagram instagram.com/livespace.se

When creating a website there’s a few different paths to take. The four main ones are audience, brands/companies/sponsorship, community hub, brand establishing. These three tends to be the main focus at the moment, but can always change depending on current trends or changing concepts. 


Building for your audience is a true testament to understand your own brand. If you’re unsure what your brand you’ve built or what brand you want to build all you’ll build is something none of them will like.

You can see the full concept on my Instagram instagram.com/livespace.se

If you do build it for your audience then it’s important that you take their needs into account. What the issue might end being is that you take the general audience om Twitch into consideration instead of looking at the current audience or at least understand the audience that you want to build. 

Brand, companies, sponsorship

While it might look selfish on the surface to have a site built only for those that are not your audience. Keep in mind that, at the end of the day, this is ll for your audience. You need income to craft a better stream and invest into your audience. Or flip it, use all the support from your audience to build up the channel and all outside income for yourself. There’s plenty of ways that you can craft a system that works for you.

You can see the full concept on my Instagram instagram.com/livespace.se

This type of site is somewhat of a presentation over who you are, your audience, influence, reach, previous cases etc. Think of it more as a complete business card, it’s where you actually should push your business connections to learn more about you. 

Community hub

While I wouldn’t recommend everyone to go out and build a community site. Not because you don’t have a community or that it might not be beneficial, it’s more so that it’s a lot of work to maintain an community site. From moderation to keeping it up to date with discussion. You’re also, possibly, pulling them away from other places where they might already have an account. 

The benefits are that you can better direct the flow of content, get deeper audience insight, and the largest one is that you can craft something outside of someone else’s ecosystem.

At the end of the day

Everyone doesn’t need a website to further their brand. But there’s also plenty of reasons to get one once you know what your Twitch brand is. It can allow you to better collect all of your information in once place instead of having to sign up to yet another site just to showcase your social media links. Take control of your brand and take control of your future as a Twitch streamer. 



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