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The new update of LiveSpace Twitch Guide

By 1 December, 2018 No Comments

Hello. It’s been a good minute since I wrote something here. There’s also a good reason for that I promise.

For the past year I’ve been going in deep on learning more and more digital design (ie. websites and digital ads). I’ve made around 2-4 websites a week and spent endless hours doing research on various topic. The reason? It’s time to combine the two things that I right now have a passion for. That’s taking everything I’ve learnd about Twitch branding and combine it with everything I’ve learned about websites.

There will be guides, there will be thoughts on how to create a website, the benefits over having a solid color and typography structure over a visual brand (not saying it’s not important). I can’t wait to start to share all of the interesting things that I’ve collected a long the way. Expect more to come in the next month as this site is now 90%  100% done-ish, so if you see something that’s off scream at me on Twitter. I’m starting to get ready with the companion site as well, and that will have a lot more information on these changes.

While I might not be as prolific in writing two articles a week. I will try to dedicate as much to to writing up articles about various topics that we all can, should and will care about as we move forward. I’ll even dig deep into why I left the branding aspects behind for a year. What I saw out there at the end was not pretty and I do want to fix that still but I have to do it coming from this new angle.



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