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SaaS products for Twitch streamers

By 12 January, 2017 No Comments
SaaS products for Twitch streamers

What’s SaaS? It’s a “Software as a Service”. What’s “Software as a Service”? It’s when you licence software on a subscription basis. So like Twitch? Sort of. I’m not talking about that however. What I’m talking about is we’re things are headed behind the scenes for tools that you’re using. In short SaaS products for Twitch streamers are changing and we’ll have to adapt.

What’s the future with SaaS?

I’ve written about the risks of passion project streaming tools. While they can exist they’re always running the risk of going away. Will there be spiritual successors? Will they be as good? Will they be the same? Will there be many different ones? Question that will start to pop-up. The reason why they risk of going way is simple: There’s no revenue model and no business plan behind them.

You as a Twitch streamer won’t have the security in that the tools you want to use will alway be around. You don’t own the software since it’s often online. When that goes away that’s gone and so is a part of your content. SaaS products for Twitch streamers will change this by making sure that there’s a constant and predictable flow of revenue for the company.

Even if they do continue and they do find a business model they can’t allocate resources to something that isn’t generating money. If they have investors they can’t do that (even if they want to) or they have an obligation to pay their employees. You have to understand that “doing it for the passion” stops being the end goal when there’s more on the line. We can’t act to romantic about these type of things.

What’s the change?

SaaS is the change. It allows the tools to become sustainable. There’s a reason to keep going and there’s a clear way to allocate finance to problems. It’s also nothing new. It’s however not free and that’s where things truly change.

Free tools will of course still be around. However there’s this tipping point where the market is big enough to sustain a business plan that allows for certain companies to be self sustained without having to worry about investors. Instead the focus can be on you and the employees. And when the employees can work they will work to make a better tool for you.

Will all my tools change?

Probably not. Tools that are already free can’t really flip a switch without a lot of backlash. That’s why you’re seeing companies/tools that are trying to figure out a better revenue model quickly. They’re doing this by introducing different forms of SaaS or services that you can subscribe to. If you haven’t seen it yet I’m sure you’ll see it in a couple of months.

But this will cost me money!

Yes. Yes it will. There’s no way around it. There’s of course a freemium model that also exists but unless the company understands how to convert properly they won’t be able to turn a profit from that anyway.

This will also quickly weed out the tools and companies that can’t sustain themselves. Tools that don’t have any longevity will go away. These tools/companies will also have to make a bigger effort for you to buy into them. That means that they’re going to have to focus on you and what you truly need, and not always what you want. SaaS products for Twitch streamers will (and already are) changing the speed for how fast the evolution of tools are going.

With that said there’s of course don’t pay for things that you don’t really need. Audit your stream and figure out what you actually need and what actually will make your stream better. There’s a difference between a need and a want. You’re going to have to figure that out when balancing your own expenses.

Do you know the difference between your needs and wants? Are they aligned correctly? 

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