LiveSpace past, present and future

LiveSpace past, present and future

In this weeks episode I’m talking about the LiveSpace network all the way from the start to thinking about the future. Of course I relate it all to a Twitch channel and I also talk extensively about things you might want to do to make your channel even better. Since I’m not a streamer you can and should be able to take a lot of inspiration from this episode.

Hear about how it all started, what happened, the trial, tribulations and the future. I predict the future (both for Twitch channels and LiveSpace) some things, talk about growth, scaling with the growth, setting goals the right way and that you might want to talk to yourself about your channel more.

All this and much more in this weeks episode of the LiveSpace Twitch Podcast (The LTP?)

Daniel Weijden

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Do you need Twitch branding done the right way? I've work with both partnered and non-partnered Twitch streamers and done so for over 4 years. For me this is full time and I'm dedicated to my clients and my craft. I do both branding, visual branding and brainstorming based on understanding you, your community and your channel. If that sounds interesting to you then you should check out my Twitch services/portfolio/client list and contact me right away. twitch.livespace.se

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