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What’s a personal brand on Twitch?

There’s a lot of talk about branding, building your brand and getting a brand etc. around Twitch. In part due to that it’s been one of the criterias around getting partnership on Twitch. There’s actually...


Twitch Town Hall Pax South

This Twitch Town Hall was filled with the word “community”. A word that, if you read my articles, shouldn’t sound unfamiliar. I’ve been talking about the community not only as a place but as a way to grow...


New year trends for Twitch 2017

As always around this time I drop my “predictions” for the year to come. I put them inside of quotation marks because they’re not truly predictions they’re observations. These observations of course...


Do you need a dynamic Twitch overlay?

Let’s talk a bit about dynamic Twitch overlays since it’s going to come up more and more in the near future. I’m going to put it in my predictions for next year in January but I wanted to give a heads up for...


The future of Twitch design, style and branding

In the coming months you’re going to see some pretty cool things coming out from me. With that said I wanted to highlight the design shit and the type of branding I’m pushing today. From the more functional Twitch...

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