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Branding Twitch

Basics of Animated Twitch Alerts CSS

Let’s just quickly talk about animated Twitch alerts. What I want to go over is the simplicity in the process and how well crafted the outcome becomes. It dosen’t matter if you’re crating brand new ones or want...


Image copyright on Twitch

There’s recently been a lot of talk about copyright and DMCA takedowns when it comes to music on Twitch. The reason for this comes from someone, at first, getting an email about DMCA takedowns. While that did turn out no to...


What to look for in a Twitch branding designer

This is an article originally written for GameWisp and that originally was part of my Twitch branding book. Since neither of those to are a reality at the moment I’ve decided to publish it right here. So here’s my...

Case Studies Twitch

Case Study: Soto Twitch Branding

Soto is a Twitch streamer that wanted a knight theme for his Twitch branding. However it should at the same time have the more futuristic and modern version of it. I’ll write a bit more why that sometimes is a better and...


My Thoughts on Twitch Extensions (so far)

Twitch recently introduced something very interesting with Twitch Extensions. It was the ability to add selective on-screen overlays. It had already been live for a few selected streamers and developed by a few selected...

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