Category - Marketing


The return “customer” at your Twitch channel

I’m going to very briefly cover this subject. The reason why I’m only doing it briefly is one part that it feel it should be enough. On the other hand going deeper on the subject would demand several pages so...


Understanding the ROI of Twitch giveaways

What’s ROI? That’s the return of investment. In this particular case we’re talking the ROI of a Twitch giveaway. Giveaways, even when they’re sponsored, takes time or money and time and time is money so...


Modern day reality TV and Twitch IRL

With Twitch IRL we’re moving in a very interesting direction. I’ve heard all the complaints, but as you know people that tend to complain are the ones that are falling behind. Twitch IRL is a very interesting move in...


“Selling” to the right audience on Twitch

A lot of times people tend to over complicate the meaning of a target audience or they go way too wide with it. If you actually want to grow it’s not about reaching everyone it’s about reaching those that believe in...

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