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Using SEO for your Twitch channel

I’ve talked SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and your Twitch channel before. However I feel as if it’s a topic worth revisiting and give some deeper insight. We actually went over SEO this past Sunday on my stream and...


The “Going Live” Tweet

With IFTTT now including Twitch among their services. You’re probably going to see a lot of automated tweets or even think about it yourself — however the Philips Hue combined with Twitch is currently the top...


Context for social media for your Twitch channel

I’ve talked rather broadly about social media in the past. This time I want to go a little deeper and get more specific. It’s not a guide (since that would be pretty stupid) and the reason is that there’s no one...


Building your brand before Twitch

One of the things that came up during a recent Twitch stream of mine was the topic of not being able to start streaming yet. Be it that they don’t have the right computer or the right internet speed or time, or other...

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