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Marketing Twitch

Using Twitch Pulse and Twitch Events

Why are these good to have? Is there an advantage to using them? Why should you use them? There’s a lot of question out there regarding¬†using Twitch Pulse and Twitch Events. I’m going to¬†give you my thoughts on both...

Marketing Twitch

Twitch Marketing Deck for Twitch Streamers

I’ve sort of mentioned marketing decks in the past. I recently got the opportunity with a Twitch employee (nothing new, I’ve worked with Twitch employees in the past) to put together a marketing deck for a streamer...


Paying for advertising for your Twitch channel?

This is an extension to what I wrote in yesterday’s newsletter. One thing that I forgot to mention was the the things that I brought up are paid advertising. It was something that came up during my stream where we talked...

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