Category - Grow your audience

Grow your audience

Minimum Viable Audience on Twitch

I just read this super interesting article by Seth Godin. In it he talks about how popularity spreads and how it decreases over time. This is something that I’ve observed on many different channels—and it’s probably...

Grow your audience

Building A Twitch Brand vs. Selling

What follows is yet another excerpt from the Twitch branding book that I never really finished up. It is strange reading it and seeing how much of it still holds relevance today. The following is about the difference between...

Grow your audience Marketing

Marketing TwitchCon 2017

This is a follow up to last weeks article about networking at TwitchCon. TwitchCon have often been touted as THE place to market yourself and to network. Even if there’s been a bigger emphasis on the networking than the...

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