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Case Studies

Case Study: Techniq Twitch Branding

Techniq is a Twitch streamer that wanted something that was sharp and precise.  All of those were all aspects that I wanted to push into his branding. There were a lot of important aspects that we needed to go over but one of...

Case Studies

Case Study: Uncle Bonk Twitch Branding

Uncle Bonk contacted me through my contact form to start working on the Uncle Bonk Twitch Branding. He wanted the focus of the brand to be on him and the type of comedy and entertainment that he provides for his viewers...

Case Studies

Case Study: Chainbrain Twitch Branding

Chainbrain is a Rocksmith streamer that recently decided to practice and streaming even more seriously than before. That’s there the Chainbrain Twitch branding comes in to add to that dedication. Now Chainbrain is taking...

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