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Case Studies

Case study: Frameloss Twitch Branding

Frameloss reached out to me through Adam Koebel to do the Frameloss Twitch branding. Or rather he got the recommendation to go to them from Adam Koebel. We started our conversation through email and eventually worked our way...

Case Studies

Case Study: JoshOG Cheeremote

I’m back with a bit more JoshOG stuff. By now you might be used to JoshOG stuff popping up from time to time here. While I don’t work on a day-to-day basis with the JoshOG team. I am someone that they take in when...

Case Studies

Case study: LimaZuluTango Twitch Branding

I actually met LimaZuluTango at the 2016 TwitchCon and he’s actually from Sweden (same as me). We didn’t however really catch up to do the LimaZuluTango Twitch branding until a few weeks back. Brief For the...

Case Studies

Case study: Finlev Twitch Branding

Finlev is a high level Battlerite player and is part of the CLG stream team. He was one of the top-player that was partnered due to skill in a certain game that’s on the rise. The project was fun opportunity and additional...

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