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Case Studies

Case Study: Gumdrops Twitch Branding

Gumdrops does stream World of Warcraft… however maybe not in the way that you might think. He’s part of the TadeSkillMasters (TSM) and that means, as I understand it, trades in/with WoW items/gold. With that in mind...

Case Studies

Case Study: LobosJR Twitch Branding

For those that don’t know N3RDFUSION is here’s what it says on their website “N3RDFUSION is a company made of content creators (Broadcasters, YouTubers, etc) who share a passion for turning their job of...

Case Studies Twitch

Case Study: Soto Twitch Branding

Soto is a Twitch streamer that wanted a knight theme for his Twitch branding. However it should at the same time have the more futuristic and modern version of it. I’ll write a bit more why that sometimes is a better and...

Case Studies

Case Study: Aaerios Twitch Branding

The Aaerios Twitch branding had one main aim and that was to be colorful and playful with a knight theme to it. This might not always be the two things that immediately associate with each other. Since those are the things there...

Case Studies

Nathanias Twitch Branding

Nathanias is a partnered streamer and a StarCraft II caster. I actually started watching Nathanias way back when he started out doing StarCraft II commentary and smaller tournaments. The Nathanias Twitch branding is however not a...

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