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Case Studies

Case study: Neewha Twitch Branding

Neewha is one of those streamers that early caught on to a game. That game is Battlerite. It’s no secret when you’re a leading figure in a game you have a leg up in viewership and in the partnership queue. Of course...

Case Studies

Case study: JoshOG Twitch Subscriber Badges

A new week and that means yet another case study. This time I’m once again working with JoshOG. Of course I’m using the Twitch branding that I put in place for him awhile back. For this project it’s applied to...

Case Studies

Case study: GamerWorldNet Twitch Branding

This project was all about creating something fun and welcoming. At the end of it turned into a fun project with a lot of interesting new design ideas and concepts that you’ve hopefully haven’t seen before with...

Case Studies

Case study: JoshOG Holidays Branding Assets

For those that have been reading for awhile or have been to the portfolio. You know that I created the JoshOG rebranding efforts. While I haven’t been working on the continuously. They do bring me in when larger assets are...

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