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Case Studies

Nathanias Twitch Branding

Nathanias is a partnered streamer and a StarCraft II caster. I actually started watching Nathanias way back when he started out doing StarCraft II commentary and smaller tournaments. The Nathanias Twitch branding is however not a...

Case Studies

Case Study: ManBrave Twitch Branding

Hey! Here’s yet another case study on Twitch branding. This time it’s for the ManBrave Twitch branding. In this case study I’ll go over the creation from start to finish. With animated Twitch alerts, utilizing...

Case Studies

Case Study: SnowSoup Animated Twitch Alerts

I’ve worked with SnowSoup in the past and he contacted me a couple weeks back about getting animated alerts and a few updates to his cards. I’ll show both even if the title only says SnowSoup animated Twitch alerts...

Case Studies

Case Study: MajorPIYA Twitch Branding

The MajorPIYA Twitch branding was all planned around roman aesthetics. It actually went through a lot of changes before we arrived at this stage. However that was good thing and instead of rushing into the first thing that sounds...

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