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Case Studies

Case Study: wtfMosesTwitch Branding

The wtfMoses Twitch branding is aimed to be a FPS type of brand. In this case study I’ll be going over what went into creating that. The problems that we ran into and how we solved those problems. Everything from style to...

Case Studies

Case Study: JustInsanityy Twitch Branding

Working with the┬áJustInsanityy Twitch branding was a great experience. From the start we we’re able to figure out what could and what wouldn’t work. At the end the JustInsanityy Twitch branding was not only something...

Case Studies

Case Study: RemarkableMe Twitch Branding

RemarkableMe is a partnered Twitch streamer from Sweden. He’s aiming to to dig deep into a specific survival game H1Z1 Just Survive. It’s been awhile since I wrote about a streamer that does a specific game...

Case Studies

Case Study: RallySec Twitch Branding

RallySec is a tech security podcast with 8 people. They’re making their move into Twitch with their podcast to reach a different audience. For this they wanted to have a new brand to be able to move forward properly. They...

Case Studies

Case Study: Mindcrack Marathon 2017

As you might know I’ve worked with N3RDFUSION in the past. That means that I’ve also worked closely with Sevadus (Matt). You might also know that I’m one part of the StreamEvolve team. StreamEvolve develops...

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