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Case Studies

Case Study: Tarn Twitch Branding

Tarn is a avid streamer that needed to have a more directed branding moving forward as a Twitch Affiliate. The project contains both custom animated alerts, CSS animations for his overlays and even a solution when images...

Case Studies

Case Study: MissMangoKitty Twitch Branding

MissMangoKitty is a variety stream that has a fun and relaxed Twitch channel. It’s not a “come out and hang with me” type of stream that needed the same type of easy and light Twitch branding so that’s...

Case Studies

Case Study: Toez Gaming Animated Twitch Alerts

As you’ve probably seen recently is that I’ve started to do a lot of custom animated Twitch alerts. Those that have been reading this might also know that I’ve worked with Toez in the past. However back then we...

Case Studies

Case Study: RollPlay The Grim Twitch Overlay

Did you watch the roleplaying one shot RollPlay: The Grim? This is how the Twitch overlay for it was created. From initial  mockup to the final render. Follow the process and get a deeper understanding of the creation. Brief All...

Case Studies Twitch

Case Study: GunninGamerz Twitch Branding

GunningGamerz is a simulator gamer and Twitch partnered streamer. What was created a was something that could represent his previous brand assets but bring it into a more modern feel and look. At the same time it was important...

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