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Case Studies

Case study: Damogron Twitch Branding

A bit of a off the beat type of branding going on here. It’s not my typical style or clean and simple. However I like to think that even if it’s more of a high concept it still looks and feels effortless for the...

Case Studies

Case study: Lexi / animated lower-thirds

Wanted to bring you something different from the regular case studies and cross over into the world of YouTube. This isn’t branding but rather working with an established brand.¬†Got contacted for this project before...

Case Studies Twitch

Case study: Steven Lumpkin Branding

Steven Lumpkin is probably most known for doing RollPlay with the itmeJP team. Recently he took the step into streaming, and successfully so, and are today a streamer. He’s also a game developer, foodie and all around nice...

Case Studies Twitch

Case study: Fandom Destiny Edition

Fandom is a show put together by itmeJP, it has sporadically schedule and appears when there’s guests lined up and there’s time. The show in itself is all about the fans and what they love about the game and this time...

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