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Branding Case Studies Twitch

Case study: Weak3n Logo

Weak3n is a Twitch partner but also a SMITE player that have played for organizations like EnVyUs. He wanted to move away from his current logo/mascot of a scorpion and that’s where I came in to create the new Weak3n...

Case Studies

Case study: CinnamonToastKen Twitch branding

It’s 2016 and we’re seeing more and more YouTube personalities coming over to Twitch. CinnamonToastKen isn’t an exception and recently made his mark on the Twitch map and we’re seeing him everywhere...

Case Studies

Case study: Fandom Souls Twitch overlay

Fandom Souls is the brainchild of itmeJP. Created to explore different groups of dedicated fans to one certain topic. This time it’s the series of Soul games (Dark Souls + Bloodborne). Concept The entire setup is a simple...

Case Studies

Case Study: Gaming Dot Geek Twitch branding

Creating a solid structure for the future branding of Gaming Dot Geek. Creating a unique mascot and logo that are able to tell the story and mood of Gaming Dot Geek’s Twitch channel. Our initial exchange was over e-mail but...

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