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Case Studies

Case Study: Eat My Diction

Eat My Diction is one of the OG’s when it comes to Twitch and always equally entertaining to watch. However it had come to a point where his branding needed a face lift. As you know there’s where I come in and work my...

Case Studies Twitch

Case study: Onikaji Twitch branding

Onikaji is a Nintendo 3DS Twitch streamer. Or rather that’s the aim as soon as all the right equipment arrives from China. Until then he wanted to get it right with¬†graphics and personal branding and set that on the right...

Case Studies

Alucard Twitch branding

Alucard contacted me recently about updating his branding and help him get on the right path towards his goals. Alucard plays, casts and hosts shows around the game HEX: Shards of Fate. After he contacted me I sat down and did a...

Case Studies

Case Study: Die Party – Twitch overlays

Die Party is a roleplaying show that are both going to be on Twitch and as a podcast on it’s own website. These overlays are for the Twitch and VOD parts for YouTube. They had to be easily changeable and adaptable to...

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