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Case Studies

Case study: Dapper Nerd

Dapper Nerd is one of those streamer that just knows what they want. There’s no holding them back and they’re ready to take on whatever challenge that might come their way. He have previously worked for IPL and have...

Case Studies

Case Study: West Marches Breakscreen in HTML5 CMS

We’re in the middle of moving things on itmeJP channel over to¬†HTML5, and eventually use NodeJS, and NodgeCG to really bring the production value up once again. JP asked me a few days ago if I couldn’t...

Case Studies

Case study: Mr Odd

I worked on the Mr Odd branding awhile ago but we waited until a appropriate time to push the change out across all of his channels. Mr Odd is a YouTube personality that are making the transition to stream on, with...

Case Studies

Case Study: J-Sharpie

J-Sharpie approached me with a different mindset then what I’ve previously seen and it kind of took my by surprise. Yes he’s a gamer, but he’s also someone that is all about helping people on all facets of life...

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