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Case Studies

Case Study: Sombrero Twitch Branding

Sombrero is a partnered Twitch streamer that also happen to work at Razer. We have been talking back and forth in the past but it wasn’t until now that it was the perfect time. He had seen what I’ve done with OizoGG...

Case Studies

Case Study: Dropped Frames GOTY 2017

Dropped Frames Game(s) of The Year episode is a talk show where itmeJP, CohhCarnage and Ezekiel_III goes over their top 10 games from the past year. This year they also had specific categories with a top 1 game. On top of this...

Case Studies

Case Study: RollPlay: Christmas With Cox

As you might know I work closely with itmeJP and that means that I also work with RollPlay. This holiday season we put on a roleplaying show with Jesse Cox. It was simply called “Christmas With Cox”—that was really...

Case Studies

Case Study: OizoGG Twitch Branding

Oizo is a Danish streamer—and one of the reasons why I wrote my articles about native language. He actually streams in Danish and is an Twitch Affiliate streamer. Luckily I understand Danish so there we’re no issues in...

Case Studies

Case Study: wtfMosesTwitch Branding

The wtfMoses Twitch branding is aimed to be a FPS type of brand. In this case study I’ll be going over what went into creating that. The problems that we ran into and how we solved those problems. Everything from style to...

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