Category - Branding

Branding Twitch

Figure out your personal branding on Twitch

I love that the word personal branding on Twitch have popped up more and more instead of only the word branding. Therefor also think it’s time that we revisit the topic once again and really break it down into...

Branding Twitch

Thoughts on creating a Twitch overlay

This article will outline everything you need to create your first overlay for a regular Twitch channel. A few things you should keep in mind before starting all the way to saving it as a PNG file. It’s not going to be...

Branding Twitch

Personal Branding for Twitch streamers

You are you, you are your personal brand One of the best lessons I’ve ever gotten about personal branding is; that everyone has it. I have a personal brand and you have a personal brand. This might be the most basic way of...

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