Category - Branding


Case Study: King Arthur Pendragon Twitch Branding

I’ve worked with Steven Lumpkin in the past for this own branding. He approached me after my panel at TwitchCon and asked about my availability to work on a upcoming role playing how that he wanted to create. We picked up...


Case Study: CoolGrayAJ Twitch Branding

CoolGrayAJ reached out to me over Twitter, a bit unconventional, but we took the conversation to email quickly to start the regular process. For those that don’t know CoolGrayAJ works at Twitch and in particular he works...


Twitch branding and what it does

Twitch is crowded and we know it. It might always seem like it but even bigger streamers can feel this. Getting through all of that when you’re a new streamer however can be one one hardest things for any to figure out...


Do you need your own website as a Twitch streamer?

  Do you need a website be a successful streamer? No you really don’t. Do you need a website as you grow? Yes you do. There’s really no question there if you want to get serious about brand awareness and being...

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