Category - Branding


The building blocks for Twitch branding

Consistently building on your authentic promise to your audience/community. I found a similar wording in another article but I wanted to extend it and put it in context of Twitch and Twitch branding. This article will show how...


Font and typography for your Twitch brand

I wanted to briefly touch down on this topic. I recently wrote a chapter for my Twitch branding book on the topic of font and typography for your Twitch brand. I wanted to give you a condensed version of that here since it feels...


Case Study: King Arthur Pendragon Twitch Branding

I’ve worked with Steven Lumpkin in the past for this own branding. He approached me after my panel at TwitchCon and asked about my availability to work on a upcoming role playing how that he wanted to create. We picked up...

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