Category - Branding


Twitch Branding: Understanding Layout

One of those things that are often overlooked in Twitch branding is something as simple as layout. It’s not that people don’t have layouts. It’s that most designers and DIY streamers don’t really know what...


What’s in a Twitch username?

I know that I’ve probably touched on this before but I wanted to revisit it. Why? I’ve gotten multiple questions about picking names, the right name or name change. And if you’ve ever wondered how I pick topics...


Twitch Branding: Colors and Moods

This is the first part of  a Twitch branding series that I will be doing. It’s going to cover my entire process in more detail than ever before. It will be the best starting point if you’re looking to create your...


Case Study: RollPlay Mouse Guard Twitch Branding

As you might know I’ve worked with RollPlay since day one. We have not been scared to innovate and to adjust over the years to figure out the best overlays possible. Not only that but we’ve also always taken both the...

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